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  • Packaging:
    24 tins x 400g (Load ability in 20′ FCL – 910 cartons / 40’FCL – 1800 cartons)
    12 tins x 900g (Load ability in 20′ FCL – 900 cartons/ 40’FCL – 1750 cartons)
    As per client request

  • Packaging:
    In 10kg per Vacuum bag into carton
    As per client request

  • Packaging:
    In 20kg in poly bag and outer master carton or kraft paper bag
    As per client request.


  • Packaging:
    As per client request

  • Packaging:
    A. Case pack 2.27kg(5lbs)X4 bags per case.
    B. Product shall be packaged in an oxygen barrier film.
    As per client request

  • Packaging:
    Multi layer kraft paper bags with a polyethylene liner 25 kg
    25kgs packaging Fiber drum outside and plastic bag inside
    1-25kgs packaging aluminium bag outside and double plastic bag inside
    As per client request

  • Product Specification Milk FAT Min:99.8% Moisture Max:0.3%Nutritional Information (Amount per 100 ml) Energy: kcal 814 Energy from Fat: kcal 814 Total Fat: 90.5g Saturated fat: 58 Cholesterol: 190mg Sodium: 0mg Total Carbohydrate: 0g Sugar: 0g Protein, g 0 Vitamin A: 600mcgNot a significant source of Dietary fibre, Sugars, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.Shelf Life Pouch …

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  • General introduction:
    1)Unsalted Cow Milk Butter 82% (25kg)
    2)Creamy yellow to yellowish white
    3)Natural milk fragrance.
    4)Delicious taste.

  • Packaging:
    30 eggs in a paper tray.
    12 trays in a box.
    1312 Cardboard box in a 40 feet refrigerated FCL.
    472,320 eggs per 40 feet refrigerated container.
    Also Customer Specification Packaging Can Be Done.

  • Packaging:
    In 50 KG bags & 25 KG bags
    1* 20 Ft Container Loads 24 MT
    1 MT (20 sacks *50KG BAG)
    Total: (480 sacks *50KG Bags) / 20 FT container
    As per client’s request.

  • Packaging:
    50 kg net new sacks made of anti-slip, woven polypropylene with a minimum weight of 85 g/m2, with a polyethylene inner pocket welded to the bottom, 50 microns LDPE of 30 microns HDPE
    As per client request

  • Packaging:
    1) 1000ml per pack
    2) 12 unit Carton
    3) 1900 Cartons/ 20′ Container
    Also Customer Specification Packaging Can Be Done